FUNdation Puppy Course

Start your new relationship off on the right paw

This is a Virtual Service held in a Group

Idea for:

Teaching puppies 8 weeks - 6 months old good manners in & out of the home


Nurture the Bond

The methods I use allow you to create a strong and positive bond with your dog that helps set you both up for many happy years together.

Problem Prevention

I show you how to set your puppy up for success so that we can quickly resolve a concern you may have or, better yet, prevent issues from cropping up!

Expert Guidance

Raising a puppy as hard work and as each dog is an individual relying on past experiences or your neighbours advice can lead to trouble.

Program Overview

Program Content

Our comprehensive, fun puppy course is a MUST for all new puppy guardians! We get you started off right so that you and your new friend get the relationship you need (and deserve) to have.

This course is limited to 6 dogs. Small class sizes mean everyone gets a chance to ask questions.

What do you learn?
– How to teach good manners for inside and outside the home
– How to prevent common problem behaviours separation anxiety, resource guarding, destructiveness
– What items are best to buy for your puppy and why
– Advice on hot topics (teething/biting, diet, socialisation)
– How to communicate with your dog and get them to actually listen
– What to do… and what not to do in order to create a great relationship

Investment: £150

Client Reviews

Thank you Renee for a fab online puppy class! It’s helped us so much with teaching Inky the basics and essential skills. The classes have massively helped her confidence and helped us with motivation for training. Renee is very knowledgeable, really friendly and helpful!
Tanya & Inky
FUNdation Group Course
Peach loved puppy training! Renee really knows her stuff and tailors the training approach to your puppy. Renne has also been super helpful with a few wobbles Peach had like walking at night next to cars, before they've become issues. Would highly recommend!
Yasmin & Peach
FUNdation Group Course
Myself and my chihuahua Poppy highly recommend Renee's puppy training classes. We both have learnt so much and have had fun along the way. I was unsure if we should bother with puppy training but I am so pleased that we did. I truly believe she is a better pup for having the classes and it has given her a great start at becoming a well mannered little dog. Thank you Renee!
Clare & Poppy
FUNdation Group Course

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