Progressive Package

Elevate your training from foundation level to skilled

This is a Virtual Service

Idea for:

Mild behaviour concerns like: New, low intensity reactivity, New phobias or fears, etc


Relationship Building

Learn how to work in partnership with your dog to achieve goals through effective coaching techniques aimed at increasing your ability to communicate with your dog.

Here When You Need Us

Serious or complex behaviour concerns require professional guidance as soon as you begin to see changes in your dog. Get expert help fast, when you need it most.

Expert Advice

Poor and/or anecdotal advice is often conflicting, following this advice can lead to your dog's behaviour getting worse.Get individual and tailored instructions now and avoid making mistakes.

Program Overview

Program Content

We will begin with an Initial Behaviour Assessment (IBA) to review’s your dog's history, homelife and current routines, this enables me to gain a good understanding of your dog. Our virtual discussion will build off of the pre-assessment information you supplied while booking. This individual approach helps me to customise your dog’s training plan and make sure you are able to reach your goals. During our work together you will be educated on how dogs think and learn in order to effectively and ethically modify their behaviour.

Following on from the IBA we have 4 Coaching Sessions to work on helping you and your dog get closer to your goal(s).

- 1 Initial Behaviour Assessment
- 4 Coaching Sessions

Investment: £320

Client Reviews

Renee was brilliant. Her calm manor & expertise really helped re-train us to help our beautiful whippet Syd start to enjoy his walks again. He’d been experiencing reactive (nervous) aggressive behaviour having had some issues with other dogs aggressively chasing him which had left him worried to be around bigger dogs. We’re starting to feel confident again & are learning how to respond to situations that had been a problem. I’m so glad to say that Syd is definitely starting enjoying his walks again & is gaining confidence with every walk, it’s still a work in process but it’s definitely thanks to Renee that we’re on the road to a happier dog!.
Sophie & Syd
Progressive Package
5 out of 5 stars for the training we’ve received so far and I can’t wait to continue. We have started training for our rescue dog Mabel for nervousness around new people and general strategies to keep her well and happy. So far we’ve had a video call which was so informative and helpful! We discussed all of Mabel's needs etc and I could start working on things straight away. We’ve had a coaching session working on lead walk and fitting her with a new harness. We can’t wait to take it further! Renee is extremely experienced and great with Mabel. She’s supported us with lots of advice and tips so far.
Hannah & Mabel
Progressive Package
I thoroughly recommend the R+Dogs. Very friendly and so professional. We were given some really good pointers as to why our newly acquired greyhound was having behavioral problems. We were worried we may have to return him. Within a few days it was such a relief to have what was basically a new, relaxed happy hound. Loves his enrichment challenges. Thank you Renee keep up the good work and we certainly know where to go in the future.
Bryan & Spirit
Progressive Package

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