Teenage Dog

Did you know that the most common age range for dogs to be re-homed or relinquished is between 6 – 18 months old. This is the time in which many dogs go through adolescence. Congratulations, your puppy has become a teenager! This phase can last up until 3 years old, for some dogs.

Similar to human teenagers, dogs at this age can have behaviour struggles. The adolescent dog’s brain is not fully formed and they are primarily working on impulses. Listening skills and basic training can sometimes take a nosedive during this time, but this is not the puppy’s fault. Understanding this and having coached many of my puppy clients through this phase, I wanted to create a structured course to help them prepare and repair any concerns.

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Teenage Dog

Assistance for dogs aged 6-36 months

Teenage Dog - Virtual Group Courses

Ace'n Adolescence

Support during those wild teenage years (ages 6-18m)

A course designed to help you proactively manage and guide your relationship to success

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Crazy to Calm

Teaching patience and relaxation for both ends of the lead (ages 18m+)

Dog driving your crazy? Let me teach you how to communicate better and relax more. Book in and exhale a sigh of relief...

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